4081-0042-90 SERVICE KIT/KIT LZB



Service kit
Motor / Gear

Ordering No. : 4081 0042 90

Ordering No. Qty Description Remark / included in Service kit
1 Ball bearing 6001-2RSL
1 Spring pin FRP 2×6. Must protrude 3 mm into cylinder.
1 Vane kit Includes 5 vanes. Wmin = 47 mm, Hmin = 8.3 mm.
1 Spring pin FRP 2X14. Must protrude 3 mm into cylinder.
1 Ball bearing 608-2RSL
1 Seal ring GR 30x37x4. Grease both inside and outside of ring.
Service kits are designed for a variety of products. This Service kit may contain more parts than listed in the table and parts might remain unused.