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ITRC Programs

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Preventative Maintenance Program

This program empowers our customers to maintain their tools based more on their schedule and budgetary responsibilities.

  • Ensures the substantial investment in assembly tooling is maximized.

  • Torques will be more consistent.

  • Overall expenditures for tool repair will be reduced leading to significant cost savings!

  • Product quality will experience an increase due to properly maintained tools being on the line at all times!

  • Click on the button below to see The ITRC definition of what a complete PM entails!

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Tool Tagging Program

ITRC has the ability to customize a tool chipping program for all the assembly tools in your plant and crib.  You are out on the line diagnosing a problem and you need to read the tool information.  The data is out of line of site or grease has covered the data.  Or you need to know how long the tool has been on the line or the last time the gun was calibrated.   These same issues happen with controllers all the time.  Except sometimes the controllers are 10 feet off the ground!  The ITRC Tool Tagging program can make your life easier by giving you easy access to your data.  It’s as simple as swiping your Android or Apple phone!!

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ITRC Tool tagging

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TS 16949 Predictive Program

This TS 16949 requirement which requires any company accredited to TS 16949 to identify their key processes and equipment. We then develop plans to maintain these items to keep them running at a higher efficiency, there by eliminating/controlling down time, poor quality fastening and products. ITRC is leading the way in giving customers access to their data helping them fulfill all 4 components listed below.


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Calibration Program

This program is offered in addition to the basic calibration and certification that comes with each tool repaired, or undergoing maintenance, under the PM program.   In this program, in addition to certifying all tools, ITRC will send personnel on site 1-2 months before any torque audit.  Ensuring you will be in full compliance with your tooling!  Be it with your accreditation body or your customer who you are supplying product.

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Calibration Program