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Preventative Maintenance Program

Empowers the customer to maintain their tools based more on their schedule and budgetary responsibilities.

  • Ensures the substantial investment in assembly tooling is maximized.

  • Tool usable life is dramatically extended and catastrophic failure on the tooling is avoided.

  • Torques will be more consistent.  Tools will be removed for maintenance before failing.

  • Overall expenditures for tool repair will be reduced leading to significant cost savings!

  • Product quality will experience an increase due to properly maintained tools being on the line at all times!

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  • The first step the TEARDOWN. Tool is entirely torn down. All gearing and angle heads will be stripped of old grease. Planetary gears stripped and disassembled down to the idlers. Motor and switches cleaned and tested for proper voltages and reliability. DC/Electric tools will have all the connector pins checked and cleaned. Transducers checked for offset.

  • The second step is REBUILD. Here we reassemble the tool. Includes fresh grease in all of the gear cases and angle heads. ITRC supplies a high-pressure grease to increase the life span of the angle heads and gearing. The outside of the tool is cleaned and where applicable paint angle heads back to their original color.

  • The third step is TESTING & CALIBRATION. All tools are tested at the maximum torque range supplied by the manufacture. Each tool is subjected to at least 50 rundowns to insure the tool is fully tested and that the grease is distributed throughout the tool. After passing testing the tool is then calibrated and supplied back with calibration sticker on the tool, and a fully accredited calibration certificate.

  • The fourth step is REPORTING. ITRC will supply back to the customer an evaluation of each tool. This report will detail such as information as gear life left, what parts will be needed at next PM cycle. ITRC also supplies a full spreadsheet document summarizing all work and data associated with the tools.

  • Click on the link to see an example of data that can be provided. PDF

The steps of failure.

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